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History and Evolution

In 2019 when the pandemic hit, lockdowns and precautionary measures, instituted by governments worldwide, while designed to keep us safe, left many businesses and cultural institutions wondering how they would continue their work, advance their missions, and engage audiences. The Carr Center’s response to this challenge– find innovative ways to bring art and culture into people's homes.


The first iteration of the CVC,, was cooperatively built by students of the Taubman School of Architecture + Urban Planning at the University of Michigan in their new initiative called the Public Design Corps. This program paired students of design, eager to help build capacity of small non-profits and gain real world experience, with organizations in Southeast Michigan.  It was through this partnership that the was conceptualized, and built. The Carr Virtual Center filled a niche and was exactly the tool the Carr Center needed to reach audiences, with programs and social instances that even while we remained 6 feet apart made for unforgettable experiences.  


As the pandemic shifted course and people began to make their way back to live programing the Carr Center felt the need to realign what would become theCVC to the mission and the ways in which the organization is growing and changing. In the summer of 2022 we again engaged the University of Michigan, to meet a new challenge. Take the Carr Center global.


About theCVC


TheCVC is a unique digital playhouse that connects the Carr Center to the world. The goal–showcase art and creative forms from across the Black Diaspora through unforgettable  curations, exciting artistic fusions, and memorable experiences. We invite you to be inspired, entertained, challenged, and educated by this evolving collection of bespoke, on demand, and streaming  content.

About the Carr Center

​Founded in 1991 as The Arts League of Michigan, The Carr Center leverages the essence of the African American cultural experience to inspire, entertain, challenge, and educate. Currently celebrating our 30th Anniversary, The Carr Center boasts an exceptional history of providing world-class arts programming to the community and supporting artists in the creation and presentation of their work. Our mission is to preserve, present, promote, and develop the African and African-American cultural arts traditions within our multicultural community.

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